Sabine Mende – Bassoon   •   Ai Ikeda – Bassoon
  •   Adi Sharon- Bassoon, Arrangements

picture of Adi, Sabine and Ai

"The bassoon is the crown of the orchestra" wrote an English music critic in his newspaper. Unfortunately, the printer misplaced a letter and it became a clown instead of a crown.

Till this day, the bassoon is considered as the jester of the orchestra and is otherwise often perceived only as a bass accompaniment. Three virtuoso bassoonists from around the world wish to prove that it can do much more. They founded in 2015 the ensemble "Fagötter +".

In their concerts they perform as a trio, playing works from all style eras- from baroque, classic, romantic to jazz and film music. They even use their instruments as an orchestra: they play together with a guest - for example, a trumpeter or a saxophonist.

picture of Adi Sabine and Ai

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